Gamma Active oxygen Hair Dryer is a revolutionary designed salon hair dryer. This is the only Salon hair dryer in the world with active oxygen technology. Active oxygen is a revolutionary treatment that enhances colour and protects the hair shaft whilst smoothing the hairs cuticle. Active oxygen has an extraordinary conditioning power and restructuring effect, especially on coloured, stressed and fragile hair. Active oxygen production is due to a special built-in intense blue light spectrum technology. Gamma Piu Active Oxygen Hair Dryer enhances the condition and manageability of hair. The effectiveness of Active oxygen has been scientifically proved in an evaluation test by Biomedical s.r.l. Italy. The Biomedical Centre of Dermatology and Tricology directed by Dr. Fasulo, tested Gamma Più Active Oxygen. It proved that the Active Oxygen hair dryer is more effective on the colour treated hair than any traditional hair dryer. The test of effectiveness showed the following results:

1. The continuous use of Gamma Più Active Oxygen makes hair easier to detangle, shinier, healthier and above all, softer.
2. Pictures were taken with a polarized light microscope, and it showed the hair treated with Gamma Più Active Oxygen had its cuticles smoothed and regulated meaning a deeper shine and better manageability.
3. Thanks to the antiseptic action of Active Oxygen, hair is healthier and bacterial odour from hair is neutralized
4. Active Oxygen balances the hairs natural structure and promotes negative ions which eliminate friz.

Now available for the first time to home users the Active Oxygen dryer is light, powerful and pleasure to use. Now you can buy the most technologically advanced hair dryer online.

Active Oxygen…Nothing styles better or is more effective

W 2100
V- 240
Hz 60
Weight 480g
Air flow lt/sec 24 lt/sec
Air flow m3/h 100.8 m3/h
Pressure 26 mbar
Noise level 68 dB
Cord 3 m