Gamma Piu – Proudly Italian.

Gamma Piu is a family led business with a large factory and research centre based in San Martino, Italy. Exporting its range throughout the world, Gamma Piu believes that Ultimate Quality is a combination of manufacturing excellence, quality of components and brilliant design. Gamma Piu have always embraced all three of these vital ingredients and refused to compromise in any areas. Unlike many other brands Gamma Piu refuse to use anything other than Italian components in their hair dryers . When you purchase a Gamma Piu professional styling tool you can be assured that there is no finer choice that you could have made.

Further more, the basis of Gamma Piu’s style of planning, production and distribution all contribute to create this luxurious and prescriptive brand of hair styling tools. To keep this cutting edge it necessary to be able to foresee inherent changes in the market, to understand and fulfil the needs of any type of customer. Gamma Piu’s designers keep ahead of trends, uniting research & style with careful and rigorous function studies, creating products that could have been designed specifically with you in mind.

Gamma Piu excels in areas so vital to the customer, answering common requests by having products that are:

  • “The Most Powerful”
  • “The Greatest air flow”
  • “The Hottest”
  • “The Most Advanced”
  • “The Quietest”
Italian hair dryers

Gamma Piu technicians use computerized and technologically advanced instruments to translate ideas into tried and tested products of high quality and absolute safety. Specialist staff working in an environment of advanced automation dedicate a craftsman’s care to assembly. And a discerning sales network pulls the strings of a personalized service to customers, aimed at giving full satisfaction. This is one reason Gamma Piu has remained such an exclusive and luxury brand.

Browse through the Gamma Piu range of hairdryers and you will quickly see that each dryer is created with specific aims in mind, tailoring each hair dryer to a hair type or lifestyle need. Now you understand more about Gamma Piu you will know the answer to why other professional brands in the UK offer a 6 month warranty, even for home use, and Gamma Piu offer a full 1 year warranty even for Salon use… enough said.